WinHTTrack Website Copier, Save All your favorite Website

Do you want to save all pages of your favorite web sites?, if you save your favorite sites manually must take a long time, right. leave the manual way, there is a software that can facilitate you to save all your favorite web pages. that is WinHTTrack Website Copier

WinHTTrack Website Copier is a software which is used to download all the pages of a Website. With this software you can access your favorite sites are ofline without changing the structure of the Website. WinHTTrack Website Copier using web miroring concept, so, while you are connected to the Internet, the website you want to go to offline will be copied to the media store. This software does not just copy the existing files, but also ensure that the structure of the web site can still be seen completely without problems. This application can also update the website mirrors and continue the download process is interrupted. To keep in mind when downloading a web site as a whole is a time course longer, and capacity will be greater.

This software is also easy to operate, just with a few settings you will be able to download a website. There are some configurations that you can set, starting from the depth of the process, what file types can be copied, until the proxy settings for the download.


WebDwarf, How Easy to Create Websites

Do you want to create an attractive website, but you do not understand with the html language. that is language used to create a website. or do you understand with html language, but you want practicality in making a website. all your needs can be achieved, you can create an attractive website with the easy, easy as using microsoft word software. you only install a software that is "WebDwarf"

WebDwarf is a web design software is quite good and the most important of this application is free. WebDwarf is a combination of word processing applications, vector graphics applications, and html language. with a combination of all that, allows you to create an attractive website. This software is also very easy to learn even for beginners and maybe even one day you can use this software. All you have to do is drag and drop objects on the worksheet, easy enough, right. After you have finished designing the website, you can export your design into 2 format that provided. that is html and svg. interested to download this software

Orbit Downloader, Powerfull Free Download Manager

Do you often download files on the internet, music, videos, ebook, image, software or other. if it's true use download manager software. Download manager Software is a software whose function is to regulate and accelerate the process of downloading. one of good and free download manager is orbit downloader.

By using orbit downloader, the file you downloaded is guaranteed to finish faster, and safe from the corrupt files. Another advantage of the orbit downloader is that it has a feature pause / resume download, so files you download can be completed at a later time. This feature is also useful for you internet cafe users who have limited time to connect to the internet, because with this feature download large files can be completed in stages. that is, if you download a video of 600 mb, while you only have 3 hours of time in internet cafe, within 3 hours it was downloaded files completed only 300 mb, if you do not use the downloader software files are guaranteed to be corrupt whereas when using orbit downloader so that files can be continued at another time / another day, so the file you downloaded is not useless. orbit downloader is also integrated with the browser mozilla firefox and internet explorer. interested to download orbit downloader

GnuCash Free Acounting Software

Managing money is not as easy as spending it, For convenience, use GnuCash with financial functions are very useful, both for personal use or for financial management in small businesses. GnuCash can display a variety of financial data in graphs and tables. In addition, there are also a web connection to monitor your stock exchange and carry out transactions online.

This application offers various features like able to support many types of files such as Quickbook files, GnuCash also offer multiple accounts, and constantly calculates the balance, nearly all of the necessary in managing your finances is here.

Java adapter for mobile

Have you download java games and java games were you downloaded is not compatible with your mobile phone, java games can not be played on your mobile phone or the screen size too large / too small on your mobile phone. If you experience these problems, there is a software that can help you. It is "java adapter".

Java adapter is a software that can change the java games / java applications which actually is not compatible on your mobile phone to be compatible on your mobile phone.
for example you download a java game that is designed for the Sony Ericcson K800I mobile phone , with screen size 240 * 320, you want to play this game on your mobile phone, your mobile phone is a motorola V3x, with screen size 176 * 220. so with this software, java games with screen size 240 * 320 was changed to 176 * 220, so the game can be played on your mobile phone. the success rate of usage of this software is 75%, you are interested in downloading this software.

Format Factory, Converter Software

Have you ever downloaded a video on youtube, music videos, thriler, tutorials, etc, usually results download videos from youtube is flv format. then you want to transfer video files to your mobile phone, but it turns out that video can not be played on your mobile phone, because your phone does not support flv format video files, your mobile phone only supports 3gp and mp4 formats, If your problem like that, there is a software that can solve these problems, that is Converter software. converter software is a software that can change the format of a file into another format, e.g flv format can be converted to 3gp format. among the converter software is quite good and free is the Format Factory

Format Factory is a software converter good enough because the factory format supports many file formats which can convert, for all video formats, format factory support MKV, MPG, VOB, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, WMV and GIF, For audio formats, Format Factory support MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, NNF, AMR, OGG, WAV, etc. For image format, format factory file format supports PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, PCX and TGA.

In addition to functioning as a software converter
Format Factory also has other features that Rip Music CD, Rip Video DVD, Video joiner, Audio Joiner, Split video etc. interested to download this freeware

Movies 13

Do you often see animated ads display on a blog or a few sites? Such ads mostly in gif format, there are also types of animated ads in flash format. But generally more likely to use the gif format, because it has the advantage of smaller size compared to flash files To create an animation in gif format you can use "Movies 13 "

Movies 13 is a GIF-Animator with 98 animation wizards including text and actor wizards. Edit existing animations, create new from imported images or from images created with integrated Movies Draw.


  • GIF explorer
  • GIF optimizer
  • quick backgrounds
  • smart shape (100 shapes with 25 gradient fills, rotated text etc.)
  • animate selected frames
  • 3 free floating actors for creating cartoons
  • actor and text wizards
  • actor paths
  • AVI to GIF and GIF to AVI converters
  • NEW: Movies script.